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Amy Zielinski – Piano: Machine of Dreams

Photo exhibition featuring piano greats from Alfred Brendel to Yuja Wang.

American photographer Amy T. Zielinski has developed over the years a deep respect for pianists. She has travelled the world to capture their dedication and struggle to attain perfection. Amy’s work intimately explores the passion of pianists as they subject themselves to endless hours of painstaking rehearsal, the pressure of live performance on the global stage, and challenging studio-recording sessions. Her unique images document the majestic beauty of the instrument while celebrating the dedicated technicians, intrepid amateurs and globally adored virtuosos who attempt to master the Machine of Dreams.

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Exhibition sponsored by: Audio Note, “Music’s finest conductor”

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Throughout the festival

Throughout the festival



Limited access: ticket holders for performances in Les Salons can view the exhibit before and after the recital

Amy T. Zielinski
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