We are 100 years old!

In 2010, the Institut français du Royaume-Uni (The French Institute in the UK) is celebrating its centenary with a series of special events.

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Sunday 26th of June 2022

Meeting of minds

A series of encounters, ‘les dialogues du centenaire’, bring together well known British and French authors and film directors to discuss a wide range of challenging topics.

Cinéma, an act of love

Ciné lumière will screen a special series of films to mark the Institute's 100th birthday. Read more

Your digital Institute

In May, Culturethèque has been launched, giving public UK-wide access to new cultural and educational resources.
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Le Français à l'Honneur

French Debate Competition
The French debate competition' is a traditional event that gives the opportunity to pupils at Independent Schools in the UK to challenge their language skills with their counterparts. All around the country, boys and girls will be asked to elaborate the best arguments on random subjects and to present them in the most perfect French. The national finalists will gather at the Institut in order to confront each other for the final competition.
(16 March, Institut français)

20 Years of Modern Languages
The UK and France are facing huge challenges in modern foreign language teaching. During this conference animated by the most qualified specialists in language teaching in the French Education system, the steps, the challenges, but also the mistakes that made multilinguism become a reality among European youth will be discussed.
(18 March, Institut français)

Training Day for French Language Assistants

More than one thousand French language assistants come from all around the world to help and assist French language teachers in the UK. They represent a young and motivated work force who offer a new and dynamic approach to teaching French. This year, the Institut will focus on these ambassadors of the Francophone cultures by offering a seminar during which the most effective pedagogical resources will be presented by professionals.
(19 March, Institut français)

Saturday Schools Annual Day

The Institut strongly supports benevolent actions from French parents living in the UK. In order to enable Francophone English children to keep in touch with the French Language, the Institut offers its help to more than 30 'Petites Ecoles' or Saturday Schools held all around the country. On 20 March, all the representatives of these associations will be invited to attend training sessions to improve their teaching and have the chance to network.
(20 March, Institut français)

Francophone Shorts Evening
On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, Francophone countries will offer Ciné lumière's audience a selection of their best short films. These will hopefully provide an insight into the richness and diversity of Francophone cultures.
(March, Institut français)

10 Words Competition
In 2010, the Institut and the British Council will launch the '10 Words Competition' for the fourth time, open to schools throughout the country. Pupils are invited to write a piece inspired by the theme 'des mots dans tous les sens!'. Endorsed by many teachers, this competition is not only the occasion to challenge young people's imagination but also an original opportunity for teachers to vary their classroom activities.  The competition prize will be awarded at a special ceremony organised in March.

Content and Language Integrated Learning
CLIL, 'Content and Language Integrated Learning' is an innovative way of learning languages by teaching, for example, Maths in French, or Biology in Italian. The Institut and its European partners will organise a major conference that will bring together specialists from various European countries in order to present pragmatic ways of adopting CLIL in class.
(Date TBC, London)

FrancoMusiques CD
Since there is no more enjoyable way to learn a language than by singing, the Institut has created a CD compiling the most famous young artists of the nouvelle scène française. Each song is accompanied by pedagogical resources in order to facilitate their use in class. (January)


History, Building Bridges

A look at the history of relations between France and the UK. Read more

Musique en Fanfare

Programme of concerts and live events culminating with the Exhibition Road Music Day in June.

Le Français à l'honneur

We will celebrate the French language with our Francophone and educational partners. Read more

Arts Calling

In the fields of visual & performing arts, the centenary will extend far beyond the Institut.