We are 100 years old!

In 2010, the Institut français du Royaume-Uni (The French Institute in the UK) is celebrating its centenary with a series of special events.

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Sunday 26th of June 2022

Meeting of minds

A series of encounters, ‘les dialogues du centenaire’, bring together well known British and French authors and film directors to discuss a wide range of challenging topics.

Cinéma, an act of love

Ciné lumière will screen a special series of films to mark the Institute's 100th birthday. Read more

Your digital Institute

In May, Culturethèque has been launched, giving public UK-wide access to new cultural and educational resources.
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50 years of Cahiers du Cinéma

50 years of Cahiers du Cinéma

The Cahiers du Cinéma was the single most influential project in the history of film. Founded in 1951, it was responsible for establishing film as the 'seventh art,' equal to literature, painting or music, and it revolutionised film-making and writing. Its contributors would put their words into action: the likes of Godard, Truffaut, Chabrol, Rivette, Rohmer were to become some of the greatest directors of the age, their films part of the internationally celebrated Nouvelle Vague.

As part of the 100 Years of Cinema programme, organised specially to coincide with the centenary of the Institut français, 50 Years of Cahiers du Cinéma will celebrate this legendary publication. Each decade will be represented through a landmark film. This season also marks the publication of A Short History of Cahiers du Cinéma by Emilie Bickerton, who will discuss her book and introduce the screening of Pierrot le Fou on 23 March.

Date Title Venue
Tue 23 Mar
07.30 pm
Pierrot le Fou Ciné lumière - Institut français
Fri 26 Mar
08.40 pm
La Femme d'à côté Ciné lumière - Institut français
Sat 27 Mar
06.15 pm
Pierrot le Fou Ciné lumière - Institut français
Sun 28 Mar
02.00 pm
Irma Vep Ciné lumière - Institut français
Mon 29 Mar
06.15 pm
Le Beau Serge Ciné lumière - Institut français
Tue 30 Mar
06.15 pm
Le Genou de Claire Ciné lumière - Institut français
Wed 31 Mar
05.45 pm
Les Glaneurs et la glaneuse Ciné lumière - Institut français

History, Building Bridges

A look at the history of relations between France and the UK. Read more

Musique en Fanfare

Programme of concerts and live events culminating with the Exhibition Road Music Day in June.

Le Français à l'honneur

We will celebrate the French language with our Francophone and educational partners. Read more

Arts Calling

In the fields of visual & performing arts, the centenary will extend far beyond the Institut.