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Mix learning French with leisure in our 10-hour cultural workshops!

Through our workshop approach we provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere in a French immersion.
We offer a wide range of different topics, from gastronomy to literature, art, cinema, wine, and much more!
For each workshop, you will get a special gift with a touch of France that will allow you to enjoy your course even more.

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Get a taste of French Food!
Intermediate to Mastery (B1 to C2 )
Mon - Fri | 9.30am - 12pm
Up to 16 students
South Ken + Bond Street
£ 300

The Institut français has teamed up with “l’Atelier des Chefs” to offer the best course you have ever dreamed of!

Combine language lessons and culture with a French cooking course!

Our French touch: one session with a real French Chef in Central London at the end of the course.

Learning all about French gastronomy and enjoy a unique French meal at the end of the course all made by yourself!

Improve your French vocabulary and culinary skills in a hands-on class and come up with a special French dish.

Discover a fantastic way to communicate in French with one of our specialised tutors and meet a real Chef to put into practice the theory you have learned.

The last lesson will be in a real kitchen in the heart of London. Enhance your culinary vocabulary as you chop, whisk and stir your way through classic French recipes.

A table!

To be confirmed
1 week
Get a taste of French Wine!
Intermediate to Mastery (B1 to C2 )
Thu | 6.30pm - 8.30pm
Up to 15 students
South Ken
£ 75 (no early booking discount)

Enhance your wine knowledge and tasting skills while improving your French vocabulary. This wine tasting course will definitely grab you by the taste buds and jolt your senses.

Our French touch: 3 to 4 wines to be tasted all along the course

France is one of the oldest as well as largest producers of wine in the world, with huge regional variation to match its cuisine.

Swirl, sniff and slurp through 3 to 4 different wines as we explore classic and on-trend wines from all the major French regions.

Sample the most refined wines and learn the ropes of wine making: overview and history of French wine culture, key grape varieties, wine classification system, wine and food matching, and the art of Wine Tasting…

With the best wines, the expertise of our specialised French teacher, a convivial atmosphere, you are guaranteed to spend a delightful evening each week!

To be confirmed
1 day