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Discover independent music with our new streaming service

1Dtouch listening station at La Médiathèque

What is 1Dtouch?
It is the first fair-trade streaming service dedicated to independent musical creation. With more than a million titles from over 68,000 independent artists, the platform aims to offer a great variety of music to a large public.

What does independent mean?
1D touch supports cultural diversity by promoting artists who have not signed on one of the three multinational labels.

What type of music can I listen to ?
All genres of music can be found in the 1Dtouch catalogue, which aims to complement the diversity of the CD collection of the library.

How to use the 1Dtouch listening station?

– The listening station is freely available to everyone, whether you are a member of the library or not.
– Please use the headphones provided for your own privacy and to keep noise to a minimum.
– Use of the station is not limited in time but please allow others access if you see they want to use it too.

How to listen to music on the station?
At La Médiathèque, there are three main sections on the left hand-side menu:
Discover allows you to enjoy the latest releases as well as the other selections put together by the library (on the right).
Browse lets you search for music by genre, or for a specific artist or title (on the top right).
My music gives you access to the selections and playlists and also allows you to create and suggest your own ones!

Enjoy 1Dtouch from your home!
1Dtouch is also accessible for free on Sign up for free and enjoy the best independent music on offer, from your preferred device (computer, laptop, tablet). Our new online music service is the perfect companion to our CD collection.



From De Beauvoir to Foucault, Rousseau to Sartre, a roundup of les grands penseurs to warm up for the Night of Ideas on 26 Jan.

L’étranger, by by Albert Camus, adapt. by Jacques Fernandez | Comic Book

Rousseau, citoyen du future, by Audiolib Editiion | Audiobook

At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails, by Sarah Bakewell | Non Fiction Book

Sartre, A Graphic Guide, by Philip Thody | Non Fiction Book

Chronicles: On Our Troubled Times, by Thomas Piketty | Non fiction Book

Foucault, sa pensée, sa personne, by Paul Veyne | eBook – Culturethèque

Candide – niveau B1 by Voltaire | Easy French Audio Book

Philosophie Pratique | Magazine – Culturethèque

Violette, dir. by Martin Provost | DVD subtitled in French

Simone de Beauvoir, une femme actuelle, dir. by Dominique Gros | DVD

À nous de jouer ! : appel aux indignés de cette terre, by Stéphane Hessel | Non Fiction Book

Access all the Night of Ideas archives on Culturethèque now and for free !


Our Cinema specialist’s picks
Floride, dir. by Philippe Le Guay, 2016 | DVD (French & English subtitles available)

Although he’s now eighty years old, Claude Lherminier is still as imposing as he ever was. But his bouts of forgetfulness and confusion are becoming increasingly frequent. Even so, he stubbornly refuses to admit that anything is wrong. Carole, his oldest daughter, wages a daily and taxing battle to ensure that he’s not left on his own. Claude suddenly decides on a whim to go to Florida. What lies behind this sudden trip?

Les Premiers, les Derniers, dir. by Bouli Lanners | DVD (French subtitles available)

In an infinite, wind-swept plain, Cochise and Gilou, two inseparable bounty hunters, are searching for a stolen telephone whose contents are highly sensitive.

Their path will cross that of Esther and Willy, a couple on the run. And what if it was the end of the world? In this small, remote town where everyone has landed up, will they rediscover the best aspects of human nature?

They are perhaps the last men, but they are not much different than the first.

Our Language Students expert recommends
For beginners – Niveau A
French in a Day, by Elisabeth Smith | Audio Book

French Verb Tenses, by Jeffrey Chamberlain | Book

French For Primary School Teachers, Angela McLachlan | Book & CD

Niveau B1
La grammaire du français en 40 leçons et 201 activités, by Patrick Guédon | Book & CD

Perceval, by Chrétien de Troyes | Book & CD

Word Up, le dico de l’argot bilingue, by Maison des langues | Bilingual dictionary

Brush up your French with hundreds of online language resources on Culturethèque !

Our Children’s Librarian loves
Guide à l’usage des parents d’enfants bilingues, by Barbara Abdelilah-Bauer | Non Fiction Book

l’Envol du Dragon, by Jeanne-A Debats | Young Readers Novel

Scribble & Ink, by Ethan Long | Picture Book

Oscar et ses supers-pouvoirs, by Mélanie Walsh | Picture Book

Sur le Chemin de l’école, dir. by Pascal Plisson | DVD Documentary (French & English Subtitles available)

Discover our handpicked selection on of the latest Children’s e-book on Culturehtèque.

Our Music expert recommends
My Friend, by C.A.R. | Kill the Dj records, 2016 | CD – Pop/Electro

Coline, by Baden Baden | Naïve, 2012. | CD – Pop/Rock

Chaleur Humaine, by Christine & the Queens | CD – pop

At l’Improviste, by Henri Texier | Label Bleu, 2012 | CD – Jazz music

Discover Culturethèque’s extensive music selection! Browse through 68,000 artists from independent labels featured on 1Dtouch (, a new fair-trade digital music platform available on Culturethèque, the free digital plateform of the Institut francais.

Our Comic book specialist says
Line of Fire, Diary of a an unknown soldier, by Barroux | Comic Book

Okko 10 : Le cycle du vide 2, by Hub | Comic Book

Samurai 10 : Ririko, by Di Giorgio | Comic Book

Bon baisers d’Iran, by Lenaïc Vilain | Comic Book

From classic comic books to the latest graphic novels, there are hundreds of new titles every week on Culturethèque.

Our literature specialist loves
Babylone, by Yasmina Reza | Novel

Chanson Douce, by Leïla Slimani | Novel (Goncourt Prize 2016)

De nos Frères blessés, by J. Andras | Novel (First Novel Goncourt Prize 2016)

Petits riens pour jours absolus, by G. Goffette (2016) | Poems

Le vent se lève, by S. Avon (2016) | Novel

Le Bon Fils, by D. Michellis | Novel

La Fille de Brooklyn, by G. Musso | Novel

What are you reading? Find all the classics and just-released novels from across the Channel on the Instiut’s digital platform Culturethèque.

News Kids!

C’est les vacances ! Writing Workshops

Discover our range of activities for Kids and find the one that suits you best : here

FOCUS : Celebrating the “Grande Guerre” Centenary (1914-2014)

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War.
This year, visit La Mediatheque, to learn about the First World War through the voices, books and pictures of those who were there.


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