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Every month discover and experience first-hand a new video game, in French. La Médiathèque offers free access to a playful, creative and highly stimulating way to discover French language, culture and tech creation. Video Games are a modern way to explore, learn, connect, converse and unwind.

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La Médiathèque is a place to make new film discoveries and get reacquainted with old favourites, free of charge on site. Choose from 5.000 titles of French films subtitled in French or English from our diverse collection of feature films and documentaries to enjoy on site.

Members can also borrow video games and DVDs to play and watch at home.





Get ready for a whole week (11-16 May) of live reading performances, talks, film and music, celebrating French Literature!

Here is our selection of some of the most acclaimed French authors.

En Finir avec Eddy Bellegueule, by Edouard Louis | Novel also available in English : The End of Eddy

Pas Pleurer, by Lydie Salvayre | Novel

Nouons-nous, by Emmanuelle Pagano | Novel

L’art français de la guerre, by Alexis Jenni | Novel

Les lumières de la Pointe Noire, by Alain Mabanckou | Audiobook

Hiroshima mon amour, by Alain Resnais & Marguerite Duras | Novel

Le plus petit baiser jamais recensé, by Mathias Malzieu | Culturethèque – eBook

Boussole, by Mathias Enard | Culturethèque – eBook

Maylis De Kerangal Reads Excerpts | Podcast – Culturethèque

Camus Revisited – Conversation with Kamel Daoud | Podcast – Culturethèque

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Our Cinema specialist’s choices

La Danseuse, dir. by Stéphanie di Giusto, 2016 | DVD (French subtitles available)
Loïe Fuller was born in the American West. Nothing in her background prepared this robust cowgirl to become the toast of the Parisian cabarets of La Belle Epoque, even less to dance on the stage of the Paris Opera. Then she invents the “Serpentine Dance.” Hidden by yards of floating fabric, her arms extended by two wooden poles, as she moves beneath the stage lights; Loïe becomes a flower, a butterfly, flames, and each night crowds call out for more. But her encounter with Isadora Duncan, a prodigious young dancer hungry for fame and glory, will precipitate the fall of this icon at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Le Ciel Attendra, dir. by M.-C.Mention-Schaar, 2016 | DVD (French subtitles available)
Seventeen-year-old Sonia nearly carried out something irreparable in order to “guarantee” her family a place in paradise. Sixteen-year-old Mélanie lives with her mother, loves school and her girlfriends, plays the cello and wants to change the world.
She falls in love with a “prince” over the internet. They could be called Anaïs, Manon, Leila, or Clara, and like them, could one day find themselves heading down the road to indoctrination…

Our Children’s Librarians like

Maman Renard, by Amandine Momenceau | Picture Books

Un si terrible secret, by Evelyn Brisou-Pellen | Teens’ Novel

Mercredi, by Anne Bertier | Picture Book

Océano, by Anouck & Louis Rigaud | Pop-up Book

Comptines pour Compter by C. Hudrisier | Audio Book

Our Language Students expert recommends

French Made Simple: Learn to Speak and Understand French Quickly and Easily: Niveau A | Book

Arsène Lupin gentleman cambrioleur : Niveau A1 | Book & CD

Our Music expert recommends
Le rock à l’endroit : Une histoire des lieux du rock en France, by Christophe Deniau | Non-Fiction Book

Ibifornia, by Cassius, 2016 | CD- Electro

Mammifères, by Christophe Miossec, 2016 | CD – Chanson française

Doni doni, by Erik Truffaz Quartet. Foufino productions, 2016 | CD – Jazz

Fearless, by Marian Kaye.Capitol, 2015 | CD- Pop

Our Comic book specialist says

Culottées 2, by Pénélope Bagieu | Comic Book

La Légèreté, by Catherine Meurisse | Comic Book

Par les chemins noirs, by David B. | Comic Book

Jour J (27) : Les ombres de Constantinople, by Fred Duval & Jean-Pierre Pécau | Comic Book

Bon baisers d’Iran, by Lenaïc Vilain | Comic Book

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News Kids!

C’est les vacances ! Writing Workshops

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FOCUS : Celebrating the “Grande Guerre” Centenary (1914-2014)

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War.
This year, visit La Mediatheque, to learn about the First World War through the voices, books and pictures of those who were there.


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