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Get a shiver, not because of the freezing cold but to this spooky selection made by our librarians to celebrate Halloween.

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Drôle de comédie

Skip the annual Back to School blues with this hilarious (& French) selection. Start your new year now and with a smile, and get ahead of all those fools who think it begins in January.

Duras, memories of an iconic writer

Marguerite Duras would have been 100 years old this year. Celebrate the life and writing of Duras with La Mediatheque special picks.

FOCUS : Celebrating the “Grande Guerre” Centenary (1914-2014)

2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War.
This year, visit La Mediatheque, to learn about the First World War through the voices, books and pictures of those who were there.


Goncourt Prize: Au revoir là-haut by Pierre Lemaitre
Having just escaped the chaos of the Great War, Albert and Edouard soon realise that they are no longer welcome in their own country…

Médicis Prize: Il faut beaucoup aimer les hommes by Marie Darrieussecq
Girl meets boy. It’s love at first sight. But there’s just one thing… the boy happens to be black.

Renaudot Prize: Naissance by Yann Moix
To be born is to shake off one’s parents. Not to kill the father, but to kill the son in us.

Interallié Prize: Moment d’un couple by Nelly Alard
When Olivier tells his wife Juliette about his affair, her whole world crumbles. How can she survive such a betrayal?

Grand prix du roman de l’Académie française : Plonger by Christophe Ono-dit-Biot
That’s how they found her – naked and dead. A man leads the investigation into the murder of a woman he loved passionately.


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