The Bureau

Le Bureau des Légendes
Series 1, episodes 1&2 | 52 mins | cert. 15 | in French with English subtitles | UK Premiere
France | 2014 | 2x52 mins | showrunner Eric Rochant | written by Eric Rochant, Camille de Castelnau, Emmanuel Bourdieu, Cecile Ducrocq, Elena Hassan, Corinne Garfin, Duong Dang-Thai, Juliette Senik | directed by Eric Rochant, Jean-Marc Moutout, Helier Cisterne, Mathieu Demy, Laila Marrakchi | with Mathieu Kassovitz, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Léa Drucker, Sara Giraudeau, Florence Loiret-Caille, Jonathan Zaccaï

Within the French secret services, a department called The Office of Legends, controls from Paris a branch of clandestine undercover agents, dispatched to key and hostile locations all around the world. Operating in the shadow, under a legend – meaning under a completely fabricated identity – they lead a double life for many years. When Guillaume – codename Malotru – (Mathieu Kassovitz at his best) comes back from 6 years in Damas, he tries to get used to his real life again, but regardless of the strict security procedures, he doesn’t quite seem to have given up on his legend…

Sat 30 Jan - 3.30pm
£8, conc. £6