Create a friendly and welcoming hub at the crossroads of our spaces and activities displaying the latest trends in design and digital.

The Project

At the heart of the French Institute Cultural Centre, the Foyer connects the 2 cinemas, multi-media library, elegant reception rooms and restaurant.

The pandemic has significantly affected cultural organisations, and disrupted our practices as users. After the recent opening of the second cinema, the Foyer remains the last public space in the Cultural Centre still to be renovated. The Connexion campaign strives to nurture the excellent of your cultural experience, as the marble entrance hall will be transformed into a warm, elegant and welcoming environment for all generations, without compromising on the highest sanitary requirements - through a focus on tech facilities and improved accessibility.

Projet Connexion aims to create a seamless and interactive visitor experience online on the Institute’s website and onsite in the Foyer of the Cultural Centre. The lively digital-based hub will embody the wealth and diversity of the multi-disciplinary programme (cinema, music, dance, theatre, literature, gaming…)

Funds will also be allocated to supporting the development of innovative cultural and educational projects.

Architecture, Design & Signage

Revamped acoustics and lighting will highlight the features and grandeur of the exceptional Art Deco space, while creating a friendly atmosphere. New signage providing clear and attractive directions and designer furniture will add a stylish touch to the place and improve the visitor experience. Accessibility in all its aspects, inclusion and transmission to younger generations will be at the heart of the project.

Digital Content and Technology

Technological innovations will provide easy and engaging access to the programme and ticketing. The Foyer will become a vibrant hub inspiring the visitor to participate and interact immediately on arrival in the French Institute.

Budget & Timeline

Fundraising Target: £510,000

In just over 10 years, through the generosity of patrons almost £4 million have been raised for major structural projects at the French Institute.

The Projet Connexion will complete this challenging programme of renovation and transformation of the cultural centre.