Sun 19 Dec


126 mins

FRA | 1970 | dir. Jacques Deray, with Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Catherine Rouvel | 4K Restoration

Marking the shift between Belmondo’s new wave and arthouse films and his later career in popular cinema, particularly gangster films, Borsalino stars Jean-Paul Belmondo alongside another icon of cinema, Alain Delon. In 1930s Marseille, gangster Siffredi (Alain Delon) wants to locate his old girlfriend after getting out of jail. But his old flame is with another gangster, Capella (Jean-Paul Belmondo), and a fight ensues. After cooling off, the two men decide to become partners, and embark on a slow but steady quest to control the criminal underworld.

Mon 13 Dec 5.50pm
Sun 19 Dec 2pm


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