La Cicatrice intérieure | Institut français du Royaume-Uni

Sun 13 Jul

La Cicatrice intérieure

Cert. tbc


Philippe Garrel Season

The Inner Scar

60 mins

France | 1972 | col | dir. Philippe Garrel, with Nico, Pierre Clémenti, Philippe Garrel, Daniel Pommereulle | no dialogue

A highly experimental film consisting of no more than 23 camera shots, La Cicatrice intérieure features Pierre Clémenti (nude) and the Andy Warhol superstar Nico (dressed in a loose robe) and a few others, including Philippe Garrel. It resembles nothing so much as one of Warhol’s earlier films, except that it is more episodic. The people, never more than two at a time, move through a variety of landscapes, from glacial to nearly tropical – always in some way deserted. A fascinating and restrained experiment in visual rhetoric.



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