La Reine Margot

Sun 10 Jul

La Reine Margot

Cert. 18


162 mins

in French with English subtitles

France/Italy/Germany | 1994 | col | dir. Patrice Chéreau, with Isabelle Adjani, Daniel Auteuil, Jean-Hughes Anglade, Virna Lisi

Centred on the intrigues leading up to and following the St Bartholomew Day Massacre of 1572, this historical drama begins with the arranged and loveless wedding of the Roman Catholic Marguerite de Valois (Isabelle Adjani) and the Huguenot Henri de Navarre (Daniel Auteuil). Chéreau’s epic tale of poisonous beauty won the Jury prize and Best Actress for Virna Lisi at the 1994 Cannes festival.


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