Sun 12 - Tue 14 Dec

Army of Shadows

L'Armée des ombres

140 mins

in French, German & English with EN subs

FRA/ITA | 1969 | dir. Jean-Pierre Melville, with Lino Ventura, Paul Meurisse, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Simone Signoret

Adapted from Joseph Kessel’s eponymous 1943 novel, Jean-Pierre Melville’s masterpiece completes his trilogy about the German Occupation of France and the Resistance after Le Silence de la mer and Léon Morin, prêtre. Atmospheric and gripping, Army of Shadows is Melville’s most personal film, featuring Lino Ventura, Paul Meurisse, Jean-Pierre Cassel, and the incomparable Simone Signoret as intrepid underground fighters who must grapple with their own brand honour in their battle against Hitler’s regime.

12 & 14 Dec

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