Sun 13 - Tue 15 Sept

Les Choses de la Vie

Cert. 15


89 mins

in French with EN subs

FRA | 1970 | dir. Claude Sautet, with Michel Piccoli, Romy Schneider, Lea Massari

Claude Sautet’s film begins with the aftermath of a violent car crash along a rural motorway. As the man, Pierre (Piccoli), lies in a semi-conscious stupor, his life flashes before his eyes— specifically, his complex entanglement with two very different women: his dutiful, long-suffering wife (Massari) and his adoring, free-spirited mistress (Schneider). One scene follows another in fragmented, free-associative fashion, ingeniously filmed by Sautet with an army of slo-mo cameras in a manner that recalls the climax of Bonnie and Clyde.

Les Choses de la Vie will be screened in 35mm.


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