Sun 5 Dec

A Dog Named Palma

Cert. U

Festivals & Series

Russian Film Week

110 mins

In Russian with EN subs

RUS | 2020 | dir. Aleksandr Domogarov Jr with Viktor Dobronravov, Vladimir Ilin, Leonid Basov, Valeriya Fedorovich, Evgeniya Dmitrieva, Pavel Maykov, Vladimir Simonov, Yan Tsapnik

Palma is a shepherd dog who was inadvertently left at the airport by her owner. She befriends nine-year old Nicholas whose father is a pilot he barely knows. happens to be there. Based on a true story, the film recounts amazing adventures, true friendship, and unconditional love.

Sun 5 Dec 11am


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Sun 05 Dec
Ciné Lumière