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Fri 13 Oct

Good Manners

Cert. tbc

Festivals & Series

61st BFI London Film Festival

As boas maneiras

135 mins

in Portuguese with EN sub

Brazil-France | 2017 | dir.s Juliana Rojas, Marco Dutra, with Isabél Zuaa, Marjorie Estiano, Miguel Lobo

If you like surprises, then look no further – this mind-bendingly subversive, grown-up fairy tale is about as unclassifiable as it gets. The more unexpected a film, the less one should know in advance. So, for those who don’t wish for this year’s great cinematic surprise to be compromised, stop reading now. Should you choose to keep going, I promise to tread carefully. Clara is a care worker living on the outskirts of São Paulo. Struggling to make ends meet, she accepts the position of live-in nanny to the as-yet unborn child of a wealthy single woman named Ana. The two women immediately develop a strong bond, but Ana’s increasingly strange behaviour hints at a deep, dark secret. Then, one night, the shocking truth emerges. What starts as an eccentrically styled slice of social realism, morphs into something else entirely, without ever compromising the emotional integrity of its characters, nor stretching narrative credibility, no matter how weird things get. This is truly innovative, bracingly bold filmmaking – unafraid of breaking rules and creating new ones. There is, quite simply, nothing else like it. See it now before everyone starts talking about it.

Fri 13 Oct 8.40pm

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