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Jean-Paul Belmondo Le Magnifique

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Farewell Bébel…

The Institut français pays homage to Belmondo le Magnifique, the “epitome of Gallic cool”, with a talk with Pr. Ginette Vincendeau, Jean-Paul Belmondo: The Face of the New Wave and the Body of Popular Cinema, and a selection of films representative of his impressive acting range.

An icon of French cinema and the New Wave since he appeared in Jean-Luc Godard’s cult film Breathless alongside Jean Seberg, Jean-Paul Belmondo, nicknamed ‘Bébel’ by the French audience, has passed.

In a career spanning over 6 decades, he has worked with the likes of Jean-Pierre Melville, Louis Malle and François Truffaut, and shared the screen with Brigitte Bardot, Anna Karina, Catherine Deneuve and Sophia Loren, to name but a few.

Let’s remember his elegance, panache and immense talent, with this special tribute season.


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