Kiki, Love to Love | Institut français du Royaume-Uni

Fri 21 Apr

Kiki, Love to Love

Cert. 15

Festivals & Series

7th Spanish Film Festival Spring Weekend

Kiki, el amor se hace

102 mins

in Spanish with EN subs

ESP | 2016 | dir. Paco León, with Natalia de Molina, Álex García, Paco León, Candela Peña, Alexandra Jiménez

Paco León (Carmina and Carmina y Amén) comes back with another witty, daring, transgressive and, of course, sexy comedy. Through five intertwined stories, he explores the sex lives, fetishes and frustrations of some engaging characters. Working with an excellent cast, León manages to keep the tension throughout the film, making us laugh while he criticises social assumptions about sexuality.



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