Mon 31 Oct


Cert. 18

Festivals & Series

UK Iranian Film Festival

114 mins

in Farsi with EN subs

IRN | 2016 | dir. Reza Dormishian, with Navid Mohammadzadeh, Maryam Palizban, Baran Kosari, Mehdi Kooshki

Pasha, a member of the Lantouri gang, falls in love with Maryam, a social activist/journalist who started an anti-violence campaign, tries to convince families of crime victims’ to forgive the murderers of their loved ones. When Maryam rejects him, Pasha splashes acid on her face. Maryam forgets her ideals for restorative justice and demands ‘Qesas’ (revenge), an ‘eye for eye’ punishment according to the Islamic Punitive Laws.



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