Sun 8 Dec / + Ciné Salon

Le Cercle rouge

Cert. 15

Festivals & Series

140 mins

in French with English subtitles

France | 1970 | col | dir. Jean-Pierre Melville, with Alain Delon, Yves Montand, Bourvil, Gian Maria Volonte

A perfect combination of the Hollywood heist film and Melville’s trademark existentialism, Le Cercle Rouge is a masterful study of the French Underworld. Alain Delon stars as Corey, a cool, aristocratic thief, released from prison on the same day that Vogel, a murderer, escapes from the custody of Mattei, a cat-loving policesuperindent. Corey robs Rico, his mob boss, then enlists Vogel and an ex-police sharpshooter, Jansen, in a jewel heist. While Corey is harried by the vengeful Rico, Mattei pressures Santi, a nightclub owner and pimp, to help him trap the thieves. Over everything hangs the judgment of the police chief, that every man is guilty.

Preceded by an introduction and followed by a Ciné Salon, an informal discussion with film writer Nick Walker.


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