Tue 15 Nov

The Jews

Cert. 18

Festivals & Series

UK International Jewish Film Festival

Ils sont partout

111 mins

in French with EN subs

FRA/BEL | 2016 | dir. Yvan Attal, with Yvan Attal, Dany Boon, Charlotte Gainsbourg Benoit Poelvoorde, Valerie Bonneton, Gregory Gadebois, Denis Podalydes, Gilles Lellouche, François Damiens 

French-Israeli director and actor Yvan Attal’s film is a slapstick comedy about anti-Semitic clichés. Structured around Yvan’s psychotherapy sessions where he explores what it means to be Jewish in France nowadays with his long-suffering therapist, the film takes off unexpected directions and tells different tragi-comic short stories.



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