Sat 19 Sept

The MisEducation of Bindu

Cert. 12A

Festivals & Series

Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival

92 mins

in English

USA | 2019 | dir. Prarthana Mohan, with Megan Suri, Priyanka Bose, David Arquette

Bindu is having a rough year. Her stepfather has convinced her mother to forego homeschooling and send Bindu to a local high school, so she can experience the “joys” of American teenage life. However navigating high-school is not so simple. Realising that she can test-out of high school, Bindu forges her mum’s signature in order to take the test. Her one problem, she needs to pay a test fee by the end of the day. Despite having a burgeoning crush and multiple other distractions, Bindu will stop at nothing to get the money she needs – even if this means befriending the bullies and forging alliances with the misfits that inhabit the school halls.

Prathana Mohan brings a refreshingly original perspective on the classic coming-of-age story and together with her fantastic cast delivers a hilarious and heartwarming story of friendship, self-acceptance and love.

Sat 19 Sept 7.30pm


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