Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess | Institut français du Royaume-Uni

Sun 21 Jan - Sun 25 Feb

Ivan Tsarevitch and the Changing Princess

Cert. PG

Festivals & Series, Kids

Ciné Kids

Ivan Tsarevitch et la princesse changeante

53 mins

in French with EN sub

FRA | 2016 | dir. Michel Ocelot | voices: Yves Barsacq, Marine Griset, Julien Beramis

Michel Ocelot brings four fairy tales to life with enchanting sensibility. A girl squares up to the creatures that keep her society in fear, a Persian boy becomes apprentice to a powerful magician while another one battles cruel pirates, and finally, Ivan Tsarevitch sets off on a frantic journey through the kingdom to try to save the life of the Tsar.

The Screening on 21 Jan is part of Before the Night, a series of events preceding the Night of Ideas, inspired by May 68 Power to the Imagination slogan, and taking place on 25 Jan.




Sun 21 Jan
part of Before the Night
Sat 17 Feb
Sun 18 Feb
Sun 25 Feb