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Cert. 18

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Best of César 2022

131 mins

in French with EN subs

FRA | 2021 | dir. Paul Verhoeven, with Virginie Efira, Daphne Patakia, Charlotte Rampling, Lambert Wilson

Based on the true story of the 17th-century mystic Abbess Benedetta Carlini and adapted from Judith C. Brown’s Immodest Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun in Renaissance Italy, Paul Verhoeven’s Benedetta is a flamboyant, provocative and tongue-in-cheek tale of pain and pleasure with formidable performances from Charlotte Rampling and Virginie Efira (nominated for Best Actress at the César 2022). This psychosexual melodrama tells the story of a young nun whose capability for performing miracles sees her rise to power. Yet, the arrival of Bartolomea to the convent leads to a forbidden passionate affair, which threatens to unleash chaos on both them and the town of Pescia.

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