Gauguin | Institut français du Royaume-Uni

Tue 12 Dec - Thu 11 Jan


Cert. 15

Festivals & Series, New Releases

102 mins

in French with EN subs

FRA | 2017 | dir. Edouard Deluc, with Vincent Cassel, Pernille Bergendorff, Tuheï Adams

1891. Gauguin has exiled himself to Tahiti. He wants to rediscover his painting, as a free, wild man, far from the moral, political, and aesthetic codes of civilised Europe. Going deeper into the jungle, coping with solitude, poverty, and sickness, he makes the encounter of Tehura, who will become his wife, and the subject of his greatest paintings. Edouard Deluc’s film portrays the artist – in the flesh of actor Vincent Cassel – on a quest for absolute and freedom.





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