Fri 6 - Tue 17 Jul

In the Fade

Cert. 18

New Releases

Aus dem Nichts

106 mins

in German, Greek, English & Turkish with EN subs

DEU/FRA | 2017 | dir. Fatih Akin, with Diane Kruger, Denis Moschitto, Numan Acar

Katja’s (Diane Kruger) life falls apart when her husband and son are killed in a bomb attack. Failed by the police and justice system, Katja is pushed to the edge and reverts to plot her own revenge. Best Motion Picture – Foreign Language at the Golden Globes this year, Fatih Akin’s In the Fade also won its lead actress Diane Kruger the Best Actress Award in Cannes last year.

The screenings on 10 July at 6.30 and 8.45pm were cancelled. Apologies for the inconvenience.



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