Ismaels Ghosts

Fri 1 - Thu 14 Jun

Ismael’s Ghosts

Cert. 15

New Releases

Les Fantômes d'Ismaël

114 mins

in French with EN subs

FRA | 2017 | dir. Arnaud Desplechin, with Mathieu Amalric, Marion Cotillard, Charlotte Gainsbourg

Film director Ismaël Vuillard (Mathieu Amalric) still mourns the death of his wife Carlotta, twenty years earlier, even though he has started his life over again with Sylvia (Charlotte Gainsbourg). When Carlotta (Marion Cotillard) returns from the dead, their whole world is turned upside-down. Constantly toggling between the film within the film and Ismaël’s own mental unraveling, Arnaud Desplechin’s Ismael’s Ghosts propels its first class cast from one dramatic pivot point to the next in the name of wreaking emotional havoc.


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