Sun 23 Sept

The Nun

Cert. 12A

Classics, Did You Miss It?, New Releases

La Religieuse

135 mins

in French with EN subs

FRA | 1965 | dir. Jacques Rivette, with Anna Karina, Liselotte Pulver, Micheline Presle, Francine Bergé | New Print

Initially banned in France on grounds of anti-clericalism, Jacques Rivette’s take on Diderot’s 1760 novel recounts the twists and turns of Suzanne (Anna Karina) stuck in the throes of sadistic persecution as she is forced to enter a convent against her own will. One of the most breathtaking and emotional works of French cinema, Jacques Rivette’s exquisite drama appears now in a glorious new 4K digital restoration.

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