Sat 28 Sept

70 Big Ones

Cert. 18

Special Screenings

London Spanish Film Festival

70 Binladens

104 mins

in Spanish with EN subs

ESP | 2018 | dir. Koldo Serra, with Emma Suárez, Nathalie Poza, and Hugo Silvia

When little Alba is kidnapped, her mother Raquel has 24 hours to find €35,000 – or 70 x €500 bills, nicknamed ‘binladens’ in Spain, because no-one ever sees them. In desperation she locates a bank willing to put up the loan, but mid-transaction two robbers suddenly burst in, wanting the money for themselves. Raquel must think fast, outfox her rivals, and save her daughter’s life – no matter the price. This third full-length feature from director Koldo Serra is a pulsating watch, full of twists and turns and fabulous performances from the two female leads, Emma Suárez and Nathalie Poza.

Preceded by an introduction by Joana Granero, director of the London Spanish Film Festival

Tristana Media Instituto Cervantes


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