Fri 17 Jun

A Street in Palermo

Cert. tbc

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The Wave: Italian Women Filmmakers

Via Castellana Bandiera

90 mins

In Italian and Albanian with EN subtitles

ITA/CHE/FRA | 2013 | dir. Emma Dante, with Alba Rohrwacher, Emma Dante, Elena Cotta

Two cars come face to face in a narrow street in Sicily, blocking the road. In one car are Rosa and Clara, two women arriving to celebrate a friend’s wedding, and in the other is Samira, the ancient and stubborn matriarch of the local Calafiore family. Neither one of the drivers wants to back down to let the other pass, igniting a silent duel consumed within the intimate violence of their glances, and within no time the whole village is involved. The film debut from renowned theatre and opera director Emma Dante, A Street in Palermo acutely dissects Sicilian culture, culminating in a powerful finale.

Preceded by the short film New Neighbours (Sara Burgio, Andrea Mannino, Giacomo Rinaldi, 2018, 5 mins) and a pre-recorded introduction by Emma Dante.

Fri 17 June 8.40pm

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