A Woman’s Revenge | Institut français du Royaume-Uni

Sat 26 Nov

A Woman’s Revenge

Cert. tbc

Special Screenings

A Vinganca de uma Mulher

100 mins

in Portuguese with EN subs

PRT | 2011 | dir. Rita Azevedo Gomes, with Fernando Rodrigues, Duarte Martins, Francisco Nascimento

Roberto is an unmoved, inscrutable, enigmatic man. Some call him a dandy, others a libertine, but truth is that Roberto feels the intimate deep tedium of those who have already exhausted all the pleasures of life. Yet one evening, he has an overwhelming encounter with a woman… A Woman’s Revenge is a free adaptation of the homonymous short story from “Les Diaboliques” by Barbey D’Aurevilly.

Introduced by Kieron Corless, film critic

As part of Utopia, the UK Portuguese Film Festival

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