Sun 12 - Wed 15 Jun / Selection of Short Films

An Oceanic Feeling

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Women Shaping The World, Seascapes: Our Oceans on Screen

Enjoy this programme of short films old and new by Cinema greats and inspired by the sea.

Sun 12 June 2pm
Wed 15 June 6.20pm

The screening on 15 June will be introduced by Ros Murray (King’s College London).
Programme :

USA/FRA | 2009 | 3 mins | dir. Vivian Ostrovsky | no dialogues

A delightful update of Jacques Tati’s Les Vacances de M. Hulot. Seagulls squawk, waves crash, and swimmers cavort in endless summer days spent on the beach. Tatitude suggests that sand, water and sun are the basic elements in a happy, carefree life, and maybe even the secret to eternal youth.

Le Tempestaire (The Tempest: Poem of the Sea)
FRA | 1947 | 22 mins | dir. Jean Epstein | in French with EN subtitles

‘The first character –and a superhuman character – whose collaboration had to be confirmed (…) was of course the storm’ (Jean Epstein). In a fishing village on the coast of Brittany, a woman is worried for her fiancé, who is out at sea during a storm. She goes to the lighthouse and asks the keepers about an old man who might be a storm master. The most emblematic of Epstein’s film on the sea.

Film restored by the Cinémathèque française

Mor’vran: La mer des corbeaux (The Sea of Ravens)
FRA | 1931 | 26 mins | dir. Jean Epstein | in French with EN subtitles

Poetic documentary on the fishermen of the island of Sein, on board the Fleur-de-Lisieux.

Film restored by the Cinémathèque française

Atlantiques (Atlantics)
FRA/SEN | 2009 | 16 mins | dir. Mati Diop | in French with EN subtitles

The film mainly focuses on speech, which, like a dark poem, collects the epic story of the Atlantic crossing of a young man. Through Serigne and his friends’ words, the film draws the portrait of a sacrificed youth. The characters of the film travel between past, present and future, floating between life and death, history and myth.

Copacabana Beach
USA/FRA | 1983 | 10 mins | dir. Vivian Ostrovsky | in English

A humorous glimpse at what happens every morning on the wavy sidewalks of Copacabana beach: physical fitness Brazilian style, with a dash of soccer and hints of Carmen Miranda.
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