Fri 4 Mar


Cert. tbc

Special Screenings

Cinema Made in Italy

78 mins

In Italian with EN subtitles

ITA | 2021 | dir.s Alessandro Cassigoli, Casey Kauffman, with Khadija Jaafari, Ikram Jaafari, Marilena Amato, Fatima Ramouch, Simona Petrosino, Emanuele Palumbo

“Beautifully observed feature debut that shows with spiky sensitivity the world of a Naples suburb through a young Moroccan girl’s eyes” – Adrian Wootton OBE, Curator of Cinema Made in Italy

Jamila is an exuberant Moroccan girl with street smarts, who seems to have enormous potential to achieve great things or else trigger mega-disasters. Californie follows her day in and day out from age 9 to 14, in the small town in southern Italy where she lives, to reconstruct the fascinating personal journey Jamila undertakes setbacks and detours included to find her place in the world. Californie was in the Official Selection of the Giornate degli Autori of the 2021 Venice Film Festival.

Followed by a Q&A with co-director Alessandro Cassigoli

Fri 4 March 6.15pm

Director’s notes :

One day, while we were shooting Butterfly, a nine-year-old girl locked gazes with our camera and then vanished. Her gaze was so intense, as was her determination in a scene in which she forcefully expressed her desire to become a boxing champion, that we often lingered on those gazes of hers during the editing of the film. So confident, yet mysterious: what was she looking at? What was she thinking at that very moment? A whole world lay behind that gaze: a tension, a mystery, and we already knew a story to be told. When we realized she was perfectly capable of handling an entire film, we started working on that story. It would be a story built around her, interweaving aspects of her own life yet not exactly about her real life, which left us the poetic license to craft the film narrative itself.


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