Wed 8 Jun

Gigi + Q&A

Cert. PG

Classics, Special Screenings

115 mins

In English

USA | 1958 | dir. Vincente Minnelli, with Leslie Caron, Louis Jourdan, Maurice Chevalier | musical

One of the last hurrahs of MGM’s Golden Age, Minnelli’s ornate musical Gigi was a critical success in 1958 and remains a visual feast today. Gigi, an innocent French girl, is trained by two veteran Parisian courtesans to become the mistress of Gaston Lachaille, a family friend and heir to a sugar fortune. However, when Gaston actually falls in love with the young Gigi, he throws the carefully ordered social circle of the family into a flap.

Followed by a discussion between Leslie Caron and composer Gary Yershon

8 June 6.30pm
Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science


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Wed 08 Jun
Ciné Lumière