Wed 14 Jun / + Q&A

Master and Tatyana

Cert. 18

Special Screenings

Meistras Ir Tatjana

90 mins

in Lithuanian, English & Russian with EN subs

LTU | 2013 | dir. Giedre Žickyte, with Tatjana Luckiene and Vitas Luckus

The Tbilisi police feasted him with wine. The thieves from Odessa used to come just to see him. He kept a live lion at home. He worked a lot and drank a lot too… Lithuanian photographer Vitus Luckus (1943-1987) is considered one of the most influential artists of his time by his contemporaries. Misunderstood and censored by the Soviet authorities, he disappeared into oblivion at the age of 43, when he jumped to death from his Vilnius apartment. With a vast amount of archive material, fellow photographers, friends and his wife Tatyana look back on his tumultuous life.

Followed by a Q&A with director Giedre Žickyte (tbc)

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