Round Midnight + Q&A | Institut français du Royaume-Uni

Sun 11 Dec

Round Midnight + Q&A

Cert. 15

Special Screenings

Autour de Minuit

133 mins

in English & French with EN subs

USA/FRA | 1986 | dir. Bertrand Tavernier, with Dexter Gordon, François Cluzet, Gabrielle Haker

Dale Turner is a fantastic saxophone player, slowly losing the battle with alcoholism, estranged from his family, and hanging on by a thread in the 1950’s New York jazz world. He gets an offer to play in Paris, where he meets a fan who wants to save him. Dale’s poignant relationship with the man and his young daughter re-kindles his spirit and his music as the end draws near.

Preceded by a 15 mins live concert by jazz multi-instrumentalist Tony Kofi and followed by a Q&A with jazz specialists Selwyn Harris (Jazzwise Magazine) and Kevin Le Gendre (Jazzwise Magazine and BBC Radio 3)

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