Sun 12 May

Stories of Place, War and Resistance

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Festivals & Series, Special Screenings

The Films of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet

12, 40, 60 & 19 mins

in German or French with EN subs

West Ger/FRA/CHE | 1944-45/1962/2007/2018 | dir.s Danièle Huillet & Jean-Marie Straub, Peter Nestler, Jean Grémillon

Itinéraire de Jean Bricard © Belva Film GmbH

This programme presents films about memory, resistance and the Occupation during World War II. Am Siel (Peter Nestler) is a portrait of a small seaside German village, while Itinéraire de Jean Bricard (Huillet & Straub) deals with the history of the Loire region, from commercial fishing in the 1930s, through the Occupation, resistance and its suppression. Grémillon’s film Le 6 Juin à l’aube seeks to “establish the most exact record of the state of Normandy” and the brutal effects of the war on the land and the people. In Gens du Lac (Straub) a man remembers his youth in a fishing family during the war and the political upheavals in its aftermath.

Introduced by photographer and filmmaker Ian Wiblin
Le 6 Juin à l’aube will be introduced by season programmer Ricardo Matos Cabo

Itinerary of Jean Bricard and Le 6 Juin à l’aube are presented on new 35mm prints.

Special event marking the 75th anniversary of the Normandy landings.

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