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Mon 22 Sep / + intro

The Wanderer

Cert. tbc

Special Screenings

Le Grand Meaulnes

115 mins

in French with English subtitles

France | 1967 | col | dir. Jean-Gabriel Albicocco, with Brigitte Fossey, Jean Blaise, Alain Libolt

On this date precisely 100 years ago, Alain-Fournier, author of Le Grand Meaulnes, was killed fighting in the dreadful war of 1914-18. To mark his tragic death, we present Albicocco’s take on this masterpiece, a parable about the search for happiness and the loss of innocence. One night, Augustin Meaulnes stumbles upon a strange party. He immediately falls in love with the host’s sister, and in the days that follow, he tries in vain to find her… A delirious, subjective and hallucinatory cinema experience.

Introduced by the novelist Julie Myerson

Screening co-curated by Gareth Evans and A nos amours.

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