Tue 7 Jan

We Are from Jazz

Cert. tbc

Special Screenings


89 mins

in Russian with EN subs

Soviet Union | 1983 | dir. Karen Shakhnazarov, with Igor Sklyar, Aleksandr Pankratov-Chyornyy, Nikolay Averyushkin

A music student is expelled from school because he loves jazz, a kind of music that represents US capitalism. Hiring two street musicians to form a dixie band, the trio journey across the Soviet Union, from Odessa to Moscow and Leningrad (St Petersburg). Released during Perestroika, where criticising elements of the past became permissible, this unforgettable comedy delivers a series of brilliant musical numbers and pokes fun at rigid bureaucracy and rampant corruption.

Preceded by an introduction by film critic Peter Bradshaw (Guardian)



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