Winter of Discontent | Institut français du Royaume-Uni

Wed 3 Jul / + intro

Winter of Discontent

Cert. tbc

Festivals & Series, Special Screenings

El sheita elli fat

94 mins

in Arabic with English subtitles

Egypt | 2012 | col | dir. Ibrahim El-Batout, with Salah Hanafy, Moataz Mossallam, Amr Waked

Winter of Discontent is set against the momentous backdrop of the whirlwind protests in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, beginning on 25 January 2011. Activist Amr, journalist Farah, and State Security officer Adel experience a shifting reality in the days and nights leading up to the resignation of President Mubarak. As the stories of these characters unfold, they are propelled headlong into the heady, often surreal atmosphere of terror, uncertainty, and mass euphoria that surrounded those days that shaped history.

Best Actor Award for Amr Waked at the Dubai Film Festival 2012

Preceded by an introduction with Brian Whitaker (journalist, former Middle East editor for The Guardian).



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