We Recommend: Books

This Poison Will Remain by Fred Vargas

Wed 2 Oct - Thu 2 Jan

Harvill Secker

After three elderly men are bitten by spiders, everyone assumes that their deaths are tragic accidents. But at police headquarters in Paris, Inspector Adamsberg begins to suspect that the case is far more complex than first appears.


This Tilting World by Colette Fellous

Thu 3 Oct - Fri 3 Jan

Les Fugitives

On the night following the terrorist attack that killed eighty-three tourists on the beach at Sousse, a woman sits facing the sea and writes a complicated love letter to her homeland, Tunisia.


Sleep of Memory by Patrick Modiano

Wed 9 Oct - Thu 9 Jan

Yale University Press

The narrator relives a key period in his life through his relationships with several enigmatic women, unearthing his relationship with his parents, his unorthodox childhood, and the unsettled years of his youth. Translated by Mark Polizzotti.


Disturbance, Surviving Charlie Hebdo by Philippe Lançon

Wed 4 Dec - Sat 4 Jan

Europa Editions

Paris, January 7, 2015.Two terrorists [...] attack Charlie Hebdo. [...] Philippe Lançon is gravely wounded in the attack. As he attempts to reconstruct his life on the page, Lançon rereads Proust, Thomas Mann, Kafka, and others in search of guidance.