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What’s in a Name?

Tue 12 - Sat 16 Nov

Richmond Theatre

This comic masterpiece is adapted by British theatre director, writer and translator Jeremy Sams from award-winning French film and stage sensation Le Prénom, this international smash hit has played over 30 countries and is now on its first ever UK tour. Quote WIAN10 when booking for a 10% discount.

Performing Arts

A Letter to a Friend in Gaza

Mon 18 - Sat 23 Nov

The Coronet Theatre

When today’s current events become our children’s history lessons, how will they view our actions? In filmmaker Amos Gitai’s multimedia performance, four actors - 2 Palestinian and 2 Israeli - address the foundations of the conflict at the Israel-Gaza border.

Performing Arts

Les Beaux Dormants (The Sleeping Beauties)

Thu 21 - Sun 24 Nov

Linbury Theatre

Growing up is inescapable. Le Ballet de l’Opéra National du Rhin performs Hélène Blackburn’s family ballet freely inspired by The Sleeping Beauty – not only a classic tale, but a reflection on one of the most important stages of life too.

Performing Arts

London International Mime Festival – 3D by Compagnie HMG

Fri 10 - Sun 12 Jan

Jackson Lane

With a specially created new piece of circus equipment, the 3D, acrobat/wire-walker Jonathan Guichard brings thrills up close as you have never before experienced. This original and exhilarating show is a treat for all ages.

Performing Arts

London International Mime Festival – Tria Fata by La Pendue

Fri 17 - Sun 19 Jan

Jackson Lane

Tria Fata shows the intriguing relationship a puppet can develop with its creator/manipulator, its surprising liberty and independence. Martin Kaspar Lauchli's soundscape of clarinet, accordion, drums and voice orchestrates the delicious mystery.

Performing Arts

Lettres jamais écrites – Unwritten Letters by Estelle Savasta

Sun 26 Jan

The Cockpit Theatre

"Write the one letter that you've never written". This was the instruction given to Year 11 pupils in France. Each one of these letters was then answered by a writer. The result is a rich tapestry of voices and experiences which explore the world of today.

Performing Arts

London International Mime Festival – Optraken by Galactik Ensemble

Wed 29 Jan - Sat 1 Feb

Sadler's Wells

Five daredevil acrobats, all graduates of the famous circus school at Rosny sous Bois, try to survive a set that seems to be going out of its way to hurt them. Firecrackers explode, sandbags drop from the flies, walls shift and move and nothing stays still.

Performing Arts