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Oxford Modern French Research Seminar

Thu 2 - Thu 30 Nov

Maison française, Oxford

A seminar will take place in Oxford, with a special appearance of Laurence Campa, Lecturer in French Literature, on 'La Grande Guerre dans la fiction contemporaine'. Other thrilling talks include a roundtable on 19th-Century French Literature and History!


Pop Up Lab

Thu 9 - Fri 10 Nov


Pop Up Projects calls on the attendees of the Pop Up Lab for the formation of a pan-European network of arts organisations post-Brexit! This great international children’s literature and literacy festival features workshops, demonstrations & conversations!

Books, Talks

Baudelaire: Botanist of the Sidewalk

Wed 22 Nov

Rimbaud & Verlaine Foundation

Come for a special talk around Baudelaire with specialists Matthew Beaumont or Lauren Elkin - to name but a few - and organised by the Rimbaud & Verlaine Foundation. The programme will feature various subjects such as 'Baudelaire and the idea of the flaneur'.


Who Killed the Poet by Luis de Miranda

Mon 27 Nov

Snuggly Books

Come for a special evening about a novella around the world in 88 translations by Luis de Miranda with American and Greek translator in-store and Italian and Swedish translator virtually at Blackwell's Bookshop in Edinburgh.


La Fabrique des Humanités – A Translation Programme

Mon 4 Dec - Sat 20 Jan

Association pour la promotion de la Traduction Littéraire

ATLAS is launching a new programme of one-week workshops, specifically dedicated to fostering the flow of translations between English and French in Philosophy, the Humanities and Social Sciences. Apply now! Deadline for first workshop is October 15th, 2017.