Wed 6 - Wed 13 May

WW2 in the Archives

Celebrating VE Day

As we commemorate 75 years since VE Day, enjoy a curated selection of free resources handpicked from the visual archives of the French Institut National de l’Audiovisuel and the British Film Institute. From war films to historic speeches, rare archives on women at war and drama, memorialise the End of WW2 in motion picture.

Death Was a Passenger

This neat short film takes place entirely on board trains, recounting in flashback a World War II airman’s close call with a Nazi officer as he tries to escape occupied France. Director Theodore Zichy, here just ‘Zichy’, was better known as an eccentric photographer obsessed with women’s feet who also dabbled in racing Bugattis and film acting.
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New France

Cobwebbed factories, crowded soup kitchens and coffins being made on a production line illustrate the sombre reality of life in France in 1946. The film from March of Time stresses both the importance of American financial aid and the need for France to choose a government which could implement reconstruction effectively.
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WW2 Women Soldiers March

A rare archive of WW2 Women soldiers marching on the Champs-Elysées to celebrate the end of the war in May 1945.
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8 mai, la valse du jour férié

8 May is the official allies victory day and sometimes a controversial Bank Holiday in France and the rest of Europe. Its history is told here through the use of archival sounds and images.
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De Gaulle at the Royal Albert Hall

1942. Historic speech by the Général de Gaulle at the Royal Albert Hall in London.
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ARTE – Great Speeches that Made History: Winston Churchill

To celebrate Europe Day, let’s go back to the words of Winston Churchill: “Let Europe Arise!” In September 1946, at the University of Zurich, the then former Prime Minister delivered one of his famous speeches, advocating for unity in Europe and forgiveness between France and Germany. In this short programme, ARTE highlights the fallout from Churchill’s speech, from the formation of the EU up to the 2016 Brexit vote.
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