Sat 25 Apr - Sat 20 Jun

Baby & Kids French Tales

Our interactive storytelling will bring a touch of magic to your Saturday morning. This year’s season will bring you stories of colourful ships, grumpy animals, clever toddlers, naughty princesses and wild boys. Whether you love drawing, reading, clapping or dancing there will be something to enjoy all year!

Age: 0-3 / Age: 3-5 / Age: 5-8

11.00am | 45 min | in (easy) French | £7, £5 members and kids (including a glass of juice & a little present) | early reservation recommended

The Great Words Meli-Melo

Kids Tale 0-3 | Sat 25 Apr: When it comes to twisted words, you’ll see that Motordu is the best.
Kids Tale 3-5 | Sat 9 May: Once again the tales of la rue Brocca bring you a story with a little je-ne-sais-quoi..
Kids Workshop 5-8 | Sat 16 May: OuLipo, OuMupa, OuBapo, it’s all about puns from Queneau to Perec!

Imagined & Re-Imagined Stories

Baby Tale 0-3 | Sat 6 Jun: Imagine a story where the 3 little pigs become friends with wolfy and Red Riding Hood.
Kids Tale 3-5 | Sat 13 Jun: Blue Beard’s 7 wives as Anatole France imagined it.
Kids Workshop 5-8 | Sat 20 Jun: We’ll toss in a few curves in your favourite stories. Some are serious, but more than a few will tickle your funny bone.

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