Thu 22 Jul - Wed 1 Sept

Free Kids’ French Summer Kit

Wondering what to do with the kids this summer? Looking for and activity to bond together or take them away from screens for a couple of hours? What about doing some playful and creative activities in French with our Free Kids’ French Summer Kit.

Each kit consists in a free activity set of sheets in French to download for free:

  • The Role-playing Games kit will let you discover an easy version of the game Dungeons & Dragons, adapted for younger kids, which only requires dices, paper and pencils. With 3 scenarios, created around classical tales, and a guided tutorial for a game master (adult), your family can go on adventures and let their imagination go wild.

  • The Writer’s Notebooks kit is made for inspired kids who like to have fun with words. It contains lots of word riddles and original writing games that they will have to solve on their own, or with the help of a grown-up.

  • The Creating Art Masterpieces kit allows everyone to (re)discover modern artists and try to mimic some their art styles and techniques. You will just need paper and art supplies that you might easily have at home (pencils and pens, paint and glitter if you want your pieces to be fabulous). Leave the creativity of your kids flow or join in for more fun!

Download the Kids’ French Summer Kits for free:

➡️ Role-playing Games | Families with kids from 4 years old

➡️ Writer’s Notebooks | Families or kids alone from 6 years old

➡️ Creating Art Masterpieces | Families or kids alone from 6 years old