Tue 14 Jul

Bastille Day

Liberté, Égalité, FRATERNITÉ

Fraternité – the fraternal, sororal, and amicable bond that brings together the human family – will be this year’s focus of Bastille Day (14 July), as France pays tribute to all women and men who have been fighting COVID-19, risking their lives, without respite.

The French Embassy in the UK is thus honouring our frontline heroes with a series of actions and celebrations. The Institut français is also thrilled to explore the multi-folded intellectual and cultural illustrations of brother and sisterhood.

Leading French philosopher Edgar Morin has examined how the current pandemic and lockdown experience urgently demand to reassess our relationship to each other, and revitalise the thinking around the human condition – a question that has spanned his long career, and which he scrutinises in his 1961 documentary Chronicle of a Summer, available to watch for free from 13-15 July.

We also turned to French Guadeloupean author and “AlternativeNobel Prize Winner Maryse Condé for an exclusive interview, to reflect on the Black Lives Matter movement, gender, and the power of words in reaching for a certain universal ideal.

What better than music to bring people together? Hear composer Pascal Dusapin talking about the collaborative essence of the Franco-British funds Diaphonique, add your track to a special playlist which includes exclusive contributions by DJ Bob Sinclar such as Sunshine People or Music Sounds Better With You, and enjoy pianist Anne Lovett playing at the Institut français and broadcast live on our social media especially for Bastille Day!

For a wider array of resources for you to examine the topic, do refer to our librarians’ reading suggestions, for kids, teens, and adults.

Finally, look back at a recent debate surrounding the implications of the third principle of the French motto – through activism and film, as the Institute hosted a panel discussion in partnership with RBKC Refugees Welcome Committee, around the inspiring A Girl From Mogadishu.