Thu 14 Apr

Notre-Dame, the Voice of Cathedrals

Les Salons en Musique

Ensemble Diabolus in Musica conducted by Nicolas Sansarlat
Raphaël Boulay, tenor
Emmanuel Bouquey, baritone
Philippe Roche, bass

Ensemble Alla Francesca conducted by Brigitte Lesne
Vivabiancaluna Biffi, mezzo-soprano, medieval fiddle
Christel Boiron, mezzo-soprano
Brigitte Lesne, mezzo-soprano, psaltery-harp

At the end of the 12th century, the Notre-Dame Cathedral emerged as a crossroad for musical creation, serving as a model for the entire Christian world. In addition to Gregorian chant, new styles were created there: polyphony and regular rhythmic pulsations. Very quickly, the composers of the Ecole de Notre-Dame were imitated, copied even, and their works were sung in the most important churches across France and Europe. In the 13th century, Paris’s “Mater atrium” (Mother of Arts) shines.

At Notre-Dame and on the streets of the district of the Île de la Cité, you could hear organa, motets but also representative songs of the Gothic art. This journey across the different genres of this era is presented by the ensembles Alla Francesca (women’s voices) and Diabolus in Musica (men’s voices).

Thu 14 April 7.30pm | £15, members £13, students £5

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Gaudens in Domino
Gaude Felix Francia
Ave Nobilis Venerabilis Maria
Mère au roi puissant
Pater Noster
Ave Maris Stella
Nicholaus Pontifex
Nicholai Presulis
Mater die/Mater virgo
On doit la mère dieu honorer
Por mon chief réconforter
Sol sub nube latuit
Petre amas me
Suspirat Spiritus
S’amour dont sui espris
Lux Optata Claruit


As part of Les Salons en Musique, a chamber music concerts series supported by Aline Foriel-Destezet

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Diabolus in Music is supported by the Centre-Val de Loire Region, the French Ministry of Culture / DRAC Centre-Val de Loire, the Indre et Loire Department and the City of Tours.

In residency at the Centre de musique médiévale de Paris, Alla Francesca is supported by the French Ministry of Culture.


“The anniversary documentary for the 30 years of Diabolus in Musica”

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