Mon 1 - Wed 31 Mar

Women Set the Tone

International Women’s Day

Gender Equality in Classical and Contemporary Music

Play or replay an exceptional live streamed panel dedicated to gender equality in classical and contemporary music organised in partnership with the Academy La Maestra, the Philharmonie de Paris and the Paris Mozart Orchestra and Gramophone, held in the wake of the inaugural edition of the Maestra International Competition for Women Conductors last September, and as part of our ongoing strand, Women Shaping the World.

Maestra second prize winner, conductor Stéphanie Childress and composers Anne Lovett (Faber music), Angèle David-Guillou (laureate of Diaphonique, our Franco-British fund for contemporary music / Village Green), Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch (Manners McDade) and Héloïse Werner (The Hermes Experiment) were invited to discuss their own perspective on equality and share updates about their careers in a panel chaired by BBC Radio 3 presenter Katie Derham and complemented by live musical interludes.

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About our guests:

Stéphanie Childress, conductor represented by Harrison Parrott

Second Prize of the inaugural edition of the International Competition for Women Conductors La Maestra and founder and director of the Orchestra Rheia since 2019.

Angèle David-Guillou, pianist, composer and producer represented by Village Green.
Laureate 2020 of the Diaphonique fund for contemporary music with Musicity Global.

Recent Albums
2020: A Question of Angles, Village Green
2020: Sans Mouvement, Village Green
2017: Mouvements Organiques, Village Green

Katie Derham, BBC Radio 3 presenter since 2017 and the face of the BBC Proms since 2010.
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, film score composer (Manners McDade)

Recent Films
2020: The Forgotten Battle (dir. Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.)
2019: Rocks (dir. Sarah Gavron)
2018: Only You (dir. Harry Wootliff)

Anne Lovett, pianist and composer represented by Faber Music since 2014.

Recent Albums
2018: The Eleventh Hour, 1631 Recordings
2014: Fauré, Poulence and Franck Sonatas with Giovanni Guzzo, Champs Hill Records
2012: Beyond (and Below), DMV

Héloïse Werner, soprano and composer
Co-director and soprano of The Hermes Experiment and founding member of vocal ensemble SHARDS

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Picture credits:
Stéphanie Childress ©  Kaupo Kikkas  
Anne Lovett © Deniz Saylan
Héloïse Werner © Thurstan Redding
Angèle David-Guillou © Dan Wilton
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch © Joe Starbuck
Katie Derham © Women’s Prize for Fiction/Sam Holden