Sun 9 Feb / + Q&A

How Can One Democratize Art History Without Caricature?

How have art history broadcasts and publications evolved from the days of Kenneth Clark’s iconic ‘Civilisation’ series? How can art history reach a wide audience of amateurs without oversimplification? What are the keys to a great art history TV programme or a seminal art book?

Discover all aspects of publishing and broadcasting art history, from influential academic journals with Olivier Bonfait to best-selling art books with Thames & Hudson Commissioning Editor Jacky Klein. Not to forget cinema, TV and the internet, with Jérôme Clément, who presided over the trailblazing Franco-German cultural TV channel Arte for over 20 years and is a former president of the Centre National de la Cinématographie, and Elizabeth Markevitch, the founder and CEO of ikonoTV, a 24/7 live-stream media platform broadcasting a unique programme dedicated to the arts on TV and on the web.

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