Mon 1 Mar

In Conversation with Camille de Toledo

The Choix Goncourt UK

Ahead of the announcement of the Choix Goncourt UK on 18 March, French author Camille de Toledo who was shortlisted by the prestigious French Académie Goncourt for Thésée, sa vie nouvelle, will be in conversation with Catriona Seth (Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford) live-streamed from the Maison Française d’Oxford.

Students will have the opportunity to ask our guest questions and excerpts of the books will be read by French actor Anne de Peufeilhoux.

1 March 5pm

The conversations will be live-streamed on the YouTube channel of the Maison Française d’Oxford

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The Choix Goncourt UK is a joint initiative of the Académie Goncourt, the Maison Française d’Oxford, the Higher Education, Research and Innovation Department at the French Embassy, the Institut français du Royaume-Uni, the AUF Europe de l’Ouest and Librairie La Page in London.